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ZigBee wireless control system for water saving irrigation

Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. ZigBee products series has been successfully used in water-saving irrigation fields, such as irrigation, urban greening, irrigation, etc. Conventional irrigation need artificial water according to the weather site, increase the cost a lot of manpower material resources, and low efficiency. Currently using ZigBee short-range wireless networking technology has become the preferred choice of water saving irrigation system, using ZigBee wireless network advantages of short distance and through F8914 ZigBee terminal I/O drive relay, the relay control valves open and close, to realize the remote intelligent control, thereby achieving scientific irrigation, water saving and energy saving purpose. Local ZigBee terminal via relay connection within the scope of the valve, is composed of multiple terminals LAN, eventually can turn through the ZigBee to ZigBee, ZigBee to Ethernet TCP, ZigBee to serial port in a variety of ways, to connect to the control center, to achieve the effect of the remote intelligent control.

The topology is as follows:

water saving irrigation topology

Networking features:

1. Taken the flexible networking, design specific networking mode according

to the site environment requirement.

2. low power consumption, high and low level trigger dormancy, activation;

3. To support routing and deep dormancy power consumption is less than 0.4 uA terminal mode.

4. WDT watchdog design, to ensure the stability of the system, strong self-healing capacity.

5. support multi-channel analog input, the output switch.

6. Using the short distance ZigBee module with the remote GPRS gateway

consists of dual wireless network, the network is more scientific.

7. intelligent data module, the power to enter the data transfer state,

establishednetwork time soon;

8. Easy to use, flexible, and a variety of operating mode selection

Why customers choose Four Faith?

1, the module uses industrial-grade design, in line with work under high temperature environment,

good module stability for oilfield applications;

2, ZigBee terminal open depending on the distance of 500-2500 meters distance wireless communication environment,

meet the requirements of different environmental communications networking;

3, according to user needs, site environment for application customization

capabilities to make more realistic application;

4, rapid response technical support, users can promptly resolve technical problems exist,

and give the best networking solutions;

5, ZigBee communication without any communication costs, save a lot of

expenses for the entire project;

6, simple device configuration to operate, easy to understand,

all the modules can be completed from networking capabilities;

7, the high degree of integration, the technology is mature,

easy installation, system deployment is simple, easy to expand to add new nodes.

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