Lebanon customer signed contract for gas level monitoring project of gas station

In the early Nov., 2014, Lebanon customer visited us and signed contract for gas level monitoring project of gas station. This second-time-cooperation is an embody of Four-Faith good reputation and brand recognition in Asian market.

Gas level monitoring system manly consists of three parts: measuring part, electricity & communication part, display and disposal part. Communication part mainly use F2114 ( GPRS IP MODEM,GPRS DTU,GPRS MODEM Price,gprs modem suppliers ) wireless communication terminal from Four-Faith. After project completed, functions like real-time monitoring on oil level, temperature and weight can be achieved. Meanwhile, there are also functions like real-time curve, history curve, alarm function, history data record and query, etc..

This project is the second cooperation we had with Lebanon customer, its success will further solidify the business relationship between us, and bring our influence to main market in middle-east countries.

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