Exhibition From Singapore to Xiamen

June  sunny Singapore is setting off a high-tech storm

May 31, 2016 to June 3, the twenty-seventh international communications and information technology exhibition and conference held in Singapore Marina Bay Sands, Asia's most representative infocomm technology industry (ICT) event, Four Faith communication products carrying the sixth appearance the Singapore, and industry colleagues to explore in depth the current wireless communication networking industry, cutting-edge technology, we have developed and demonstrated for different application needs solutions.

Here a collection of over a hundred exhibitors countries in the region, gathered in the most cutting-edge information and communication technologies and solutions, Four-Faith here to discuss with the parties to the elite, exchanges, and further research and development in technology and overseas markets!

The exhibition, the Four Faith Aberdeen shows a series of communications products, including 4G / 3G Industrial Router, 4G / 3G / 2.5G industrial IP MODEM, WIFI operating system, device management platform, embedded ZigBee modules and other products, products from the rich type the complete set of solutions to our customers highlight our ability to address the key issues in practical application scenarios, further attention by many customers and recognition. In addition to acceptance of products, industry size and strength Four-Faith also been Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries customer recognition.
Xiamen Internet of things Four Faith let city flood control and more wisdom

By the 2016 China (Xiamen) International Things Exposition and Forum June 3 - opened in Xiamen International Exhibition Center 5th, this fair was a "smart city, was linked life" as the theme, the results show, to discuss the transaction , site experience, Forum is the main way in several countries exhibitors gathered in Xiamen, to discuss the development trend of things.

This year's exhibition in Xiamen Things crowded, while the Four Faith young family with a new attitude exhibition debut, attracting a lot of visitors stop to talk.

This exhibition shows many industrial wireless communication product exhibition industry and the Internet industry, and the customer has carried on the comprehensive communication.

Last Easter eggs! Four Faith tokens networking released at the conference site grand city flood control and command system "picture" decisions
Four Faith M2M networking company Mr Ge in the conference highlighted a Four-Faith city flood "a map" command and decision-making system design, technology and so on.

By "a map" to implement the relevant departments of emergency response, comprehensive, efficient, intelligent, accurate and effective disaster prevention and mitigation, high force grid technologies allow the audience themselves, cadence of speech, won the audience the applause, which is not, namely professional audiences Gezong Gang finished his speech interception advice.

Temple joy, the joy and the Lion City Lu Dao in the future, we will increase product innovation, research and development of new products, new technologies for our customers to provide better products and services, you are welcome to join us compose things "joy Song "!
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