The Right Way to Open Four-Faith’s Euro Cup

It’s a June let thousands of people full of passion! And it’s a June let millions of people totally be sleepless at night!

The European Cup, which is held every four years, is like a raging fire are carrying on. The Knockout arises when group matches are all finished. The bottom half is a dead zone. Germany, Italy, Spain, France and England have to dueled in advance in order to get into the final. And the Hungary, Iceland and Slovakia also got amazing performance in the group matches.
Women under the field only care football stars’ charming appearance and ability. So as well as Four-Faith’s industrial communication classic series products. Not only have good looking, but also depends on the strength and capabilities.

Industrial 4G Router    Wales    Gareth Bale

Wales got 2 wins and 1 defeat during matches on this European Cup, and against England pushing themselves into the first place. Gareth Bale had delivered goals in all three games, and let the team create new record in the world series. The Series of  Four-faith’s full network routers has the compatibility of China 3 operators’ networks and got 7 ways of communication form for free choice. And just like attacker Gareth Bale who barely has no weakness, the general network router has perfect communication capacity. Super strong wireless communication ability and real-time huge data transmission. Like a master protects whole communication states at any time, and also like soul man Gareth Bale of Wales always get ready to be a alone riding savior at any moment.

4G DTU   England    Wayne Rooney

Date transmission terminal product (DTU) is the top selling product in Four-Faith. And everybody will not feel strange because it is almost suitable for all the networks construction of varied projects, and especially develops for unattended environment. Depending 4G/3G/2.5G public networks, serves as a link of date’s collection and application, to protect the safety of communication. Just like Wayne Rooney in any position on the football field, no only can playing forward, but also be qualified in out wide and midfield. Full of energy and strong, with great force of impact, and have a certain speed.

VI Station  Germany   Thomas Muller

To Four-Faith that excellent quality is indeed important. Just like Thomas Muller with overall skills: high reflection speed, comprehensive technique shooting, ultra high efficiency goals, high morale and best sense of running positioning. All of skills are our targets to go after. The newest development VI station can compares with Thomas Muller. It has wireless VI, snapshot and data transmission three in one, with the flexible networking, it also provides unique solution for water conservancy, transportation, finance and other industries.

WiFi Advertising Router  Portugal  Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, the only, won numerous awards and always has relaxed smile to life. He seems has WiFi himself, no matter where he goes, always attracts people’s attention and following. The powerful design appearance of Four-Faith’s WiFi advertisement router looks just like Cristiano Ronaldo, and it’s designed for WiFi operation, supports over 50 crowd to combine internet at the same time. Meanwhile, it has huge storage space in order to creates native platform with rich contents. It likes Cristiano Ronaldo has great comprehensive ability, and to become a super star from all similar products because of no satisfied with a mediocre existence.

IPC (Industrial Personal Computer)  Italy  Gianluigi Buffon

Italian team leader, the world first goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon barely slip out of hand when save. He has quick reaction with long term steadiness performance, and good at command and defense. Four-Faith’s IPC equals captain of networking systems. It got strong and robust hardware configuration and has ARM framework’s CPU combines with Android operating system. This makes system running smoothly and can manages associated equipment efficiently, real-time troubleshoots faults, will alarms and handle automatically. If Gianluigi Buffon build a world defensive line for Italian team, then the IPC of Four-Faith also builds the strongest defensive line for operation of client’s projects.
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