Four-Faith provide‘Internet+Environmental protection’ solution at the Environmental Monitoring Exhibition

According to current situation of environmental protection industry, Four-Faith introduced a series of Internet + environmental protection products and solutions at international environmental monitoring instrument exhibition.

The visitors came to Four-Faith booth, system integrators on environmental monitoring project specific implementation and experience for further communication.

Four-Faith staff actively described in detail how to use “Internet+”, the Internet of Things, such as wireless communication technology in customer project to realize the automatic environmental monitoring.

In environmental monitoring system application, Four-Faith exhibited in noise monitoring system, water quality automatic monitoring system, the key technology of PM2.5 monitoring system, etc and classic cased.
Noise monitoring system in Chengdu, Sichuan
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The customer in Chengdu, Sichuan delicated to automatic measurement and control equipment research and development manufacturing and related technical services, such as noise monitoring, dust monitoring, supporting by using Four-Faith industrial router to transmit the data to the server, when data such as noise or dust exceeds bid, will be alert to the technical personnel and technical personnel.
Beijing sewage treatment plant  Water quality on-line monitoring system
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The project is the major process of sewage treatment plant, water quality on-line monitoring system for terminal for automatic water sampler, collecting water quality data, through a serial port RS232 to F2X14 IP modem, server remote monitoring the water quality data of sewage treatment plant to implement the data sampling, analysis, management, integration of online.
PM2.5 particles wireless surveillance program in Beijing
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Beijing customer development of PM2.5 particles online monitoring system, consists of one central station and n number sub station. Laser dust as terminal, through Four-Faith F2X14 IP modem, realizes the dust meter and set up a wireless network data center, through F2X14 Gprs Modem establishing connection with data center, to transfer the data to the data center, to related management department of each patch for storage and analysis of data for effective management.
On April 7-9, we are in Beijing, the national NongZhanGuan (new) 195 # 11 booth, sincerely look forward to your coming, we believe that our ideas, to open more new environmental protection idea, add dynamic monitoring system for the environment.
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