2016 Charging piles new standard, Four-Faith will help you to be successed!

The new national standard of charging piles interface type and communication protocol etc. carried out in 2016.
Another good news is the increase sales volume of electric vehicles, especially the increase of commercial electric vehicles. This is a big market.

The car is nearly no electricity, hurry up to find a charging pile

Wait, which one is better?

While charging pile market in high speed development, but meet many problems and resistance, too much and uneven product, let consumers don’t know how to choose.

The charging pile operation enterprise how to win in the fierce competition?

Due to the charging infrastructure dispersed and large number, in order to ensure the user experience and operation efficiency, charging must provide navigation, charging status query, booking and payment services, and to provide these services, must to build the network of the charging infrastructure intelligence service platform. The specific requirements of Charging pile (station) are as follows:

(1) charging pile (station) is full of numerous stakeholders, communication and negotiation is difficult, so require networking equipment installation is simple, convenient expansion, if not have cable communication conditions on site using GPRS/3G/4G;
(2) charging pile often installed outside, the scene environment is complex, so the required networking equipment for industrial products;
(3) important sites need to be redundant link design, networking equipment needed to support wired and wireless backup or double card backup;
(4) charging pile (station) dispersed, quantity is numerous, networking equipment must support the remote centralized monitoring and management.
For charging pile (station) network, Four-Faith relies on its own technical advantages in the field of IoT and the successful experience for many years in power system, launch charging pile (station) intelligent networking solution, according to different charging infrastructure and customer requirements.
1. For distributed charging pile

For a distributed charging pile, such as residential areas or units in the parking lot with Four-Faith IP MODEM wireless networking.
2. For centralized charging station or group of charging system

Such as charge operating companies in the field of public services, bus, taxi, logistics and highway, Four-Faith industrial-grade routers or ZigBee products can realize charging infrastructure network.
3.For WIFI coverage requirements customization
Some operating companies in addition to set up basic networking, also want to provide free WIFI at the scene, increase the degree of customer experience, Four-Faith can provide complete intelligent WIFI service plan.
What are the advantages of using Four-Faith charging pile project?

1. Communication system stability: adopting the industrial-grade high-performance 32-bit processor, able to withstand a bad long-term test, to ensure that the communication smoothly; Reliable Internet connection, keep online function to ensure that equipment online forever.
2. Two-way communication system: by monitoring platform can real-time view into the current situation of the equipment operation, at the same time can also control charging equipment from monitoring center by wireless channel .
3. The flexibility and extensibility of communication system: due to the charging pile with the characteristics of a lot of control points and dispersion, require the use of standard communication protocol, with the development of network technology trends and growing power operation, need to consider IP bearer, at the same time requirements to facilitate installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance; to reduce maintenance costs of remote management.
4. Customer application convenience: at the same time, through mobile phone APP, users can view the surrounding charging pile location, booking, payment, etc; Provide users with convenient services, improve the customer experience.
5. Through the use of ZigBee network transmission, can save a part of the cost of communication.

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