Four-Faith routers are widely used in the charging station project in Beijing Guangzhou Shanghai

Nowadays the New energy vehicles become more and more popular. charging stations are widely installed in shanghai beijing guangzhou and so on cities.
But the problem is, most charging stations are located in different area need to spend much time on update the data to each station, operation and maintenance cost is very high.

With the maturity of 4G / 3G wireless services , charging station communications networking equipment demand is gradually improved. Four-faith communication tech business in recent years has been the basis for charging station -based wireless communication network to provide a variety of " Internet + charging station " solution , from 4G / 3G network , WIFI GPS positioning operations to different meet charging pile business model needs , business development across a number of areas in Beijing, Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Suzhou, Wuhan , Xiamen , Spain , Australia and so on.
Four-Faith Industrial routers are installed in beijing charging stations

Four-Faith routers are installed in Shanghai charging stations

Four-Faith routers are installed in Guangzhou charging stations
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