Running, Four-Faith boy! Four-Faith ball games of 7 anniversary

Competition sports is power; Sports is the contest of wisdom; Sports is the beauty show. Since June, Four-Faith communication organized ball games of 7 anniversary, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis four projects. After hard match,and finally lead the basketball, football, badminton, table tennis champion, and third place of different groups.

Sweating, dare to play games, the athletes who offer the audience a wonderful game.


Whistles, cheers, hustling athletes on the court, fierce confrontation, dribble, beautiful alleys, urgent stopped, turn around and singles, wonderful scenes appear constantly...

Team A positional warfare played solid work, the protection of the rebounds and peripheral side, and outside beautiful alleys, always can suppress opponents at some critical moments, finally has scooped the top prize!


Look at the screen champions of fierce competition, friends also try to. On June 18, Four-Faith football final match began in Xiamen Wuyuan bay stadium. The match is very exciting, the pulse of the audience running and jumping as the athletes.

C VS A, C forwards Cai Gong understanding use deft passing skills with teammates, crossed A defender to intercept, keep 1-0 lead up to the final horn; Team C and team B in the final of the championship, C defender on the ball, chopped his right foot to fire! Team B is not far behind, immediately launch a counterattack, frequently for consolation, they work hard, finally breached a ball, narrowly finally C team 3-2 score and win the championship.

三、Table tennis

Peg-leg, forehead, aim, push rod, hit the ball into the hole...18 billiards lovers to compete, in order to consummate the goblins art, to increase a wonderful game.

In the game, everyone took out their own real skills, strive for in the limited time to play their best level. Contestants all are masters, jump ball into the bag, a ball bar of two win applause, in intense game, audience's mood also follow fluctuations, occasionally burst into applause. After the fierce conflicts, Ms. Cheng won the women match and Mr. Cai won the men match.


Badminton is among the Four-Faith daily preferred sport, so the match degree of the wonderful also not inferior to the professional game, many events is a tight game, alternately rising situation.

In the competition, active atmosphere, sliced smash, defense, lob, movement... Motion precision, smashes a clean, the players of the antics won a standing ovation. After a group round, two rounds of fierce competition, the doubles first received by Luo Gong, Liao Gong, He Gong won men's singles champion, in women's single final, Cheng Gong successfully won the championship by score of 2:0..

Lose or win, is not important, important is more love our unity of family, love the vitality of youth, the love of wonderful life. So,to continue running, youth! Running, Four-Faith boy! You, are the best wonderful!

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